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Coaching is a one-on-one process and proceeds at a pace determined by the client. It provides a personal sounding board for the client and creates an enhanced degree of confidence / purpose in decision making – both personal and professional. This supportive approach is particularly suited to individuals at transition points in their lives.

Thank you for your time, the coaching session really gave me food for thought especially in my personal presentation of me. First of all your coaching on elevator speech worked a treat, quick punchy sentences came easily, so thank you.

A North Island farmer working to position himself for director roles in the rural sector


A facilitative approach is followed where the client organisation is coached through the process of not only strategic thinking but also the building of a realistic, customised strategy that is both relevant and achievable. The emphasis is on building strategic capability within the business. This process is particularly suited to SME’s and regional non-profits where they can engage fully in realistic strategies geared to their organisation.

Peter came with no preconceived notions or models that our organisation should adhere to. He came with an open mind and allowed us to determine our own parameters in which we operate expanding the conceptual models to suit our style. Suffice to say he did not try to fit us into the box, he just increased the size of the box.

A low-profile Maori trust asked for facilitation of a hui to determine the direction of their long-range future planning


It is the leaders that develop expertise in decision-making and strategic thinking who will prosper in the global economy. The need for executives to engage in career-long education is now inescapable. Expert advice and guidance is offered for those contemplating further education. Learn how to select programmes, gain learning advantage and develop adult study habits.


The business owner is coached through the identification, explanation and application of the basic tools for understanding international business. It provides the knowledge platform from which to build capability in planning international market entry.

I never got the chance to express my appreciation for your time at the end of the trip but hope you know that you greatly enhanced the experience. I am only now just processing and connecting a lot of what you said and fully appreciating how you guided us through working out what we were seeing.

Reflections from a regionally-based New Zealand manager following an international business study tour

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