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My passion is encouraging people and organisations to achieve by building their confidence and their strengths to build identity, formulate goals and chart their long-term aspirations.

My approach began with a career transition – from a lengthy trade development career to that of executive education. I began working with business people from a diverse range of nationalities, backgrounds, skill sets and experience. High achievers, all at turning points in their professional and personal development. But seeking a realistic vision of their long-term future.

So too with emerging leaders in regional New Zealand. Remarkable people doing remarkable things, wanting to make a greater long-term contribution yet often uncertain of their ability to do so.

The outcome? The enormous privilege of sharing in hundreds of conversations and contributing to the future progress of so many talented individuals (and organisations).

Essentially, I was hoping you might have time for a coffee at some point so I can pick your brains and experience on a few “what do I really want as a career” questions I’ve had of late. 

I appreciate the role you had in understanding people dynamics and forming our group, and really I’d like to understand a bit more about where people’s perspective shifts to.

Ultimately, I guess, I’m asking for a little help from your experience in working out what I do next, because my current position isn’t it.

A former military officer, at a point of transition in his professional life, knowing his strengths but asking for support in articulating and planning his next steps in the New Zealand SME business world

Peter’s knowledge and experience with building group confidence and self worth, was a help to us. A great deal of aroha emanates from him so that he seemed not to be a stranger.

This diverse group of managers from regional New Zealand was divided, dysfunctional and short of direction

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